Friday, December 28, 2012

Its About That Time

Hey all you Camp fans! We here at the Camp Post know you have been waiting for he mid-season report and we are bringing it to you now! Just so happens that it is the most magical week of the year, and many teams could use some second-half magic. All your favorite players want to be home with their families, however, are out there working hard on getting to the playoffs. So here we bring you the mid-season update.

We will start off in the AL. So far the powerhouse team has been the Syracuse Orange Iguanas with a 72-33 record. When we talked to owner kthomson on his teams recent success he had this to say, "Yes, we are very good this season. I been feeling it for a while and we really just put all aspects of our game together. I feel we will win it all." Wow, those are some cocky but very interesting words by the owner and we will see how things fall into play the second half of the season.

As for the rest of the AL, heres how we see the playoff picture coming to be. There will be one team making it from the AL North, the Minnesota Skeeters. Out of the AL East there could be two teams, but I believe that only the Syracuse Orange Iguanas will clinch a playoff berth. Now here's where things become interesting, in the AL South the top 3 teams are all within 6 games of each other. I believe two teams will emerge into the playoffs from this division and those are the El Paso Grievous Angels and the Huntington Heroes. Huntington is my one sleeper pick and I may recieve some death threats for it, but they really have a solid squad and I believe they can pull it off this season. Finally in the AL West, I see two lock-ins to the playoffs, the defending champions, San Francisco Fish Tacos and then my pre-season prediction, the Colorado Springs Glitter Ponies. We will see how all this madness pans out in the AL, now on to the NL.

The best team in all of Camp baseball reigns as the NL powerhouse, the New Orleans Calypsos. As stated by markbl, owner of the Philadelphia Athletics, "Granted I haven't been around as long as some of you...but I have never seen a team dominate a fairly competitive league like these Calypsos. Hitting, pitching, individual performers...very impressive!" And yes, we here at the Camp Post believe this is the best team out there and the clear favorite to win the World Series. When we interviewed owner erikf291, he was very humble, "We haven't won anything yet." We see that their team has a clear goal of winning that last game of the season and we believe they will accomplish that. 

The NL has one of the blurriest playoff pictures at first glance, but I will break it down for you. Starting off in the NL North, I really like the New York Tough Guys as a possible contender. I can also see the Chicago Cubs clinching a Wild Card spot. In the NL East, I again believe that two teams will reach the playoffs. The San Juan Senadores will win the division here and the Philadelphia Athletics will also get in. Now the NL South also has two very strong teams. Of course the New Orleans Calypsos are the clear winner here. And then the Charlotte Tobacco Growers are a very strong team, but I believe they will be jipped of a playoff spot. Now the weakest division in the NL, the NL West, I believe the Arizona Diamondbacks will make a comeback and win the division. The Cheyenne Cherokees seem to be in a slump as of late. 

Well folks, that's all we got for you now! There is plenty more madness to come as the final stretch of the season comes underway. We will get more articles out soon so stay tuned all you Camp Fans! 

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