Saturday, January 26, 2013

World Series Preview

Wow! I did not see this match-up happening! Though each of the teams are 2 seeds, nobody considered them as contenders coming into the playoffs! Almost everyone saw the New Orleans Calypsos running away with it. However that is not the case due to the Chicago Cubs knocking them out in the NLCS. The counterpart joining them in the World series, the Minnesota Skeeters, had a considerably easier match-up with the El Paso Grievous Angels  as they come into the World Series coming off of a sweep.  This could benefit the Skeeters now because of the extra rest. However, the Cubs have been saying that the Skeeters have been away from live play for too long now and feel they have the better chance to come out and have a strong start in the series. The Skeeters obviously think different but the Cubs are making an excellent start. In my opinion, none of the rest issues will change the series. My pick will be the Minnesota Skeeters in 5 games. Their talent level is just much better than the Cubs and I see this series coming to an end early. Hope all you fans enjoy the series! Should be a great one!

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