Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Agency Recap- Season 26

Now that the free agency is over, we bring you who we thought were the biggest winners and losers coming out of free agency! After it was all over and the door was shut on open negotiations, there were no teams that failed to pick up some key pieces. Some teams could have used some players, but may instead be looking into their farm system or in the draft for the piece they need. The one team, however, that spent a lot of money and did not get much value were the Arizona Wranglers. In the offseason they traded away some of the biggest pieces of their team and failed to replace them in the free agency. They did sign Orval Cedeno for 8 million and Rico Lugo for 9 million. That is 17 million combined and that will be stuck with them for the next 4 seasons. Both players are aging and neither are great hitters, ok in the field but again, not great. Don't see the reason behind these signings but we don't know everything, so there may be something else behind it.

Another team with question marks around their signings is the San Juan Senadores. They did sign Eduardo Diaz and Alcides DeSoto to contracts that I believe are bargain for the two of them. However,  I'm scratching my head on the signings of Koji Ishida and Bunny Young. Koji's contract would be ok, but he does not deserve the $10 million bonus he will be receiving. He is also an average second setup guy at best in my eyes. On the other hand, Bunny is one hell of a hitter, but $19 million this season? He definitely does not deserve that. He will help the team, but they are wasting money in my opinion. He too does not deserve the $10 million bonus he is getting. Regardless, the Senadores do look very solid going into the season and maybe the overpaid players will help them bring home a championship.

A lot of teams were active in free agency, but the winner is the Suan Juan Senadores despite their bad contracts. Since they can afford it, it will really help their team this year; however, I believe it will come back to bite them in the ass in a few seasons. The losers were Wranglers, they traded their stars, and signed older, worse players in response. It make absolutely no sense to me, but we will see how it all works out. Stay tuned Camp fans, the season will begin soon!

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