Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free Agency Recap

Sorry for the delay in getting this out all you Camp Fans! Due to Hurricane Sandy, our power got knocked out over here at the Camp Post. Well, we're finally back up and running and here comes your recap of the Free Agency madness from this off-season! By far the biggest pick up of the free agency was 8X All Star and 3X Cy Young award winner Ramon Wan. The Baltimore Bossmen were relentless in pursuing this star free agent. Baltimore finished last season just two games under .500 and came in last in their division. The front office knew they needed a star to get the team on track for a playoff run so they locked up Wan to a maximum deal, 20 million for five years. We will see if this costly investment in the 31 year old star works out as the season wears on.

The biggest winner in the free agency however was the Cleveland Criminals. The front office knew they needed some major pieces on their team and did just that. After signing Danny Andrews, Dizzy Ojala, and Pedro Johnson. They are finally starting to look like they can compete for a World Series. The signing of the 40 year old Johnson, however, was a bit questionable. They are paying him just over 5 million for two years. He may be productive this year, but next year is still a big question of how strong he will still be. They should definitely be in a good spot to compete this year though.

After compiling up some of the results of free agency, our staff has determined the biggest question marks of the past signings. First comes Ramiro Johnson. The Memphis Blues are paying him nearly 14 million for four years! This player is good, but really no better than a good long-reliever. The stamina is just not there and his splits are not strong enough to shut down all batters. He is definitely being overpaid. The next guy is Joseph Martin signed by the New York Tough Guys for 9 million for four years. We all know how badly New York wants revenge this year after their early exit last year in the playoffs, but really? Joseph Martin for that kind of money? The guy cannot pitch against lefties if his life depended on it! He also does not have the stamina to be a starting pitcher, therefore he is only a long-reliever. There are a lot cheaper long-relievers out there who are just as good, but New York had money and blew it away with this signing. These were the only two eye-popping busts our staff could find and hopefully no death threats come our way after making these allegations. Hence, a lot of teams made some big signings this off-season and we will see how this all pans out pretty soon!

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