Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interview with jketchum

After each season, we here at the Camp Post will attempt to get an interview with the owner of the reigning World Series Champs. As you all know, the San Francisco Fish Tacos won it this past season. Their owner, jketchum, was kind enough to talk to the media when we requested an interview. Here it is:
Q: Congrats on your WS Series championship, how do feel about your team this year and about a possible repeat?
A: Alike our chances, pitching is still in intact, all the major pieces offensively are still around. Plus it never hurts to have a 3 time MVP playing the outfield.

Q: You've made some questionable trades this off-season with trading some of your star players such as, Quinton Hamilton and Butch Relaford, why is that?

A: Cant keep everybody and Relaford and Hamilton had underperformed the last few years. It gave us a chance to sign some players to longterm deals we couldnt have otherwise plus we added some new blood in the minors.

Q: Are you aiming for any big time free agents this off-season?

A: Hootie Bailey is the lone "big" free agent signing. Probably wont sign any more high end guys.

Q: What players have you lost this off-season and how do you plan to replace them?

A: Quinton Hamilton- Shane Rose , Butch Relaford- Hootie Bailey, Corey Garcia- TBD

Q: What is your goal for this season? Are you still trying to compete for another title or are you trying to get younger and rebuild for long-term?

A: We will be putting all of our efforts into repeating.

Q: Do you have a special method of coaching that may have helped you in winning this past season?

A: My secret, which isnt much of a secret, is plan on rebuilding 4 - 5 years with any bad team before your going to compete. Roster depth to me is a huge factor in winning.

Q: Do you have any advice for the younger coaches of this league?

A: Get yourself a mentor and ask a lot of questions.

We thank jketchum for finding time to allow an interview with him. It appears as if the Fish Tacos are gunning for the World Series once again this year. They lost some players but jketchum does not seemed to be phased by any of this. We will see how this all pans out for the Fish Tacos as the season goes on. They're definitely the team to watch this season. 

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