Friday, November 23, 2012


Now it's time for our predictions for each division!  Our original plan was to get this out before the start of the season, but our stupid editor took a family vacation and never told anyone. So, we are just getting this out now. We send our apologies to all the upset fans out there. Anyhow, here it is.

AL North:
My pick here is the Minnesota Skeeters. With a new owner and some big off-season acquisitions they seem to be the favorite right now. They have added players such as Butch Relaford and Orval Cedeno to their already stud lineup. They seemed to have the clear advantage in this division and have showed that early on this season.

AL East: 
Had to go with the Syracuse Orange Iguanas here. To this point they are leading the division and there's no doubt in my mind this will continue for the rest of the season. They have dominated and been on top of the division the past six seasons and you should all expect this to continue. Especially after their addition of Jacob Holt from earlier this off-season.

AL South:
This was one of the tougher ones, but I went with the Tampa Bay Porkslaps by a slim margin over the El Paso Grievous Angels just because Tampa Bay has that one true ace in Donne Payton. A true #1 pitcher can do wonders for a team, and this is why I feel they are the best team in the division. Early results have not shown this, but I believe that soon those results will change.

AL West: 
The defending World Series Champs, San Francisco Fish Tacos, seem to be the home favorite here. However, I'm going to go with the underdog, Colorado Springs Glitter Ponies, here. The reason behind this is that I'm still skeptical of early trades of the Fish Tacos, and the Glitter Ponies have a very strong pitching corps. They need to improve their position players, but their pitching is top notch which is why I believe they will capture the division title this season.

NL North:
No doubt in my mind here, the New York Tough Guys are bound to win this division. Again, I think that after an early round exit last year in the playoffs, they are on a mission this year, and will go to all ends of the earth to make finish their mission. It starts with winning their division, and aren't doing that right now, but I believe that will change very soon.

NL East: 
Another pretty close division, but the San Juan Senadores seem the strongest here. They have one of the best position players in the World in Louie Vizquel and one of the best pitchers in Odalis Brogna. This team is one of the strongest, younger teams in the World and look to win their division this season.

NL South:
The New Orleans Calypsos are already off to a fast star towards another division title this season, which would make it their third in a row. The Memphis Blues are not too far behind, a consistent playoff team year in and out, but with probably THE strongest pitching staffs in the World, the Calypsos appear to be on track again this year for another title.

NL West: 
This is probably the closest-knit divisions in the league. Each team has their strong suits, but no team has a great pitching staff. The Salem Volcanoes have probably the best staff in this division which is why they are my choice here. Their addition of of pitchers such as Willie Lima and Diego Amezaga have really helped them. They also added Walker Fossum, a future first-ballot Hall of Famer. These players look to help bring Salem their first division title ever.

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